Floodwater Fishing Tactics: Advanced Tips for Lure Anglers

Darrell Carter

Flooded rivers, while daunting to many, offer unique opportunities for those willing to adapt their tactics. In this article we’ll look at a some of my favourite tips and tricks for lure fishing in these wild waters.

Urban Escape: Lure Fishing the Canal Network

Darrell Carter

With the arrival of the warmer weather, perch become much more active and start feeding more aggressively, making them an excellent quarry to target on the urban canal network. 

The Light Approach

Darrell Carter

One of the most appealing aspects of lure angling is the ability to grab a few essential items of equipment to spend a few hours fishing without having to spend time filling a car full of tackle.

My top three canal perch lures


Being confident in the lures that you use is absolutely vital, and can be a great advantage if your time fishing is limited. With that in mind, I tend to find myself using these three lures as the go-to baits from my tackle box.