Darrell Carter

Late spring is a great time to grab the lure rods and go out fishing for perch. With the arrival of the warmer weather, perch become much more active and start feeding more aggressively, making them an excellent quarry to target.

Bridges create a lot of cover and shade which perch just love to hold out in. 

The perch have usually spawned at this point too, so they’ll be up for feeding and can usually still be found in the shallower water, making them easier to locate and catch.

One of my favourite places to search for these obliging predators is the canal network, and if I ever get the chance I’m always up for a spot of fishing in and around a city.

A hard fighting urban gem of a perch!

Urban canal fishing can often provide a unique and scenic backdrop that you won’t find in other locations, along with super accessibility. No need for a boat or lots of tackle – just a good set of trainers or walking boots!

A common misconception is that canals only hold small fish, most likely stemming from the fact that they are often narrow and shallow. Canals can be connected to larger bodies of water, such as reservoirs and lakes, allowing for the migration of bigger fish.

Scaling down to the Micro range of lures will keep the bites coming.

Vegetation along the banks and boat cover will also hold smaller fish and invertebrates, making them ideal hunting grounds for predatory fish. Targeting these areas can increase the chances of catching the larger specimens that certainly inhabit the waterways.

I will travel as light as possible and take the minimum of tackle with me. A rod and reel, landing net, unhooking mat, and bag of end tackle/forceps etc is all that’s needed. Also, a decent set of polarising glasses – canals are usually only four to five foot deep, and fish can be easily spotted under the right conditions.

You don't need to carry a lot to explore the urban waterways.

The Fox Rage Warrior range offers a great range of rods and reels for different types of fishing techniques and species and is especially well suited for fishing the canals. The sensitive nature of the rods makes for easy detection of the slightest bites and the lightweight setup of the rods and reels make them comfortable to use.

With polarising sunglasses, you can often spot fish in areas where the water is clear enough.

Micro Lures are a good choice, balanced with light jig heads (2g/3g) or fished drop shot style. Critters are another favourite fished weedless around any structure, such as locks and bridges. When vegetation starts to grow, such as lily pads and reeds, floating creature baits can also be superb.

A Warrior rod and reel combo offers brilliant performance at little cost. 

Urban fishing along the canal network is a great way to unwind and enjoy the city. So, if you’re looking for a fun day out fishing, grab your gear and head out to your local canal – you never know what you might catch!

Tight lines.