Strike King Tour Grade Tungsten Slither Rig

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Product Overview

When you want to get into the nastiest cover where jigs won't go, turn to the Strike King Tour Grade Tungsten Slither Rig. This innovative rig features a modified tungsten weight with skirt collar, chip-resistant powder-coat paint, and a premium, soft-cut, silicone skirt designed to punch through matted grass, pads, and other types of heavy cover. Compared to ordinary lead weights, the tungsten penetrates and falls through cover better. And the skirt adds the live action that lures big fish. Use the Slither Rig in front of your favourite plastic bait Texas style for great results.

  • Available in 2 weights: 28.3g and 14.2g
  • Available in 4 colours: Black Blue Flake, Texas Craw, Green Pumpkin and Bama Craw
  • Innovative design marrying a bullet weight with a jig skirt
  • Perfect for fishing heavy cover with a weedless presentation
  • Tungsten weight for a more compact size to equivalent lead weight
  • Features chip-resistant, powder-coated paint finish
  • High-quality silicon skirt