Strike King Ocho

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Product Overview

This 8-sided beast takes the concept of the soft jerkbait to another level. Like a faceted bead vs. a round bead, the Strike King® KVD Perfect Plastics Ocho's smooth beveled sides reflect light in different directions, creating a flash effect unlike that of any other softbait.

Precision molded with a slow sink rate, the versatile Ocho is ideal for jerkbaiting and wacky rigging. All KVD Perfect Plastics lures feature soft, salt impregnated plastic and an exclusive coffee scent that masks human scents and oils to produce more and longer bites.


- Stick bait style lure

- Eight, flat-sided design delivers unique movement and flash attraction

- Slow sink rate for increased visibility

- Coffee scented t­o mask human smell

- Super soft texture for increased hook ups on strike

- High salt content to make fish hold on longer at the bite

- Available in five colours: Blue Craw, Bubble Gum, Glacier, Junebug and Green Pumpkin

- 10cm