Strike King Ned Ocho

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Product Overview

The Ned Rig has taken off as one of the most productive fishing methods for predators there is. Introducing a fresh take on this smoking hot finesse technique, is the Strike King® Ned Ocho.

Designed with notched channels on its sides to give it a lifelike, quivering action which releases bubbles as the bait is pulled through the water. The Ned Ocho works with the Strike King Ned Rig Head, allowing it to sit up and encourage bites.

  •  Designed specifically for Ned rig presentation
  •  Eight, flat-sided design delivers unique movement and flash attraction
  •  Coffee scented t­o mask human smell
  •  Super soft texture for increased hook ups on strike
  •  Multi-notched finish for increased movement and bubble release
  •  Designed to work with Ned jig heads for a stand-up presentation
  •  High salt content to make fish hold on longer at the bite
  •  Available in four colours: Green Pumpkin, Watermelon Red Flake, Dirt and Summer Craw
  •  6.5cm


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