Strike King KVD Drop Shot Half Shell OPT

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Product Overview

The Strike King KVD Perfect Plastics Drop Shot Half Shell heats up the action at your favourite water. Co-designed by renowned pro anglers Kevin VanDam and Mark Zona, this eye-catching, 3.5-inch, large-bodied drop-shot lure features a bulky profile and irresistible erratic darting action, while a flat bottom keeps the half-shell horizontal. It also features a distinctive laminate and Open Pour Technology finish for long lasting, fish hooking performance.

  • Available in 7 colours: Green Pumpkin, KVD Magic, Fire Tiger, Pro Blue Neon, Edge, KVD Kick and Moon Juice
  • 5inch/ 9cm in length
  • 9 lures per pack
  • Offers a big target through a bulky profile
  • Flat bottom keeps lure level on dropshot rig
  • Design delivers a darting action in the water
  • Distinctive laminate and Open Pour Technology for long life