Strike King Hack Attack Heavy Cover Jig

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Product Overview

Confidently cast to a big fish holding in the thickest cover with the Strike King® Hack Attack Jig, perhaps one of the deadliest heavy-cover jigs ever made. Designed to be fished through the nastiest underwater jungles, both shallow and deep, the Hack Attack Jig features an exclusive no-flex, Extreme Gamakatsu® black nickel, heavy wire hook for extra bite, and a 30º line tie to increase hook-up percentages. The innovative head shape and heavy-duty weed guard help the Hack Attack Jig slip through cover with ease, while its silicone skirt produces plenty of strike-enticing movement. The Hack Attack Jig is made for heavy fluorocarbon or braided line and heavy rods.

  • Designed for punching through heavy cover and snags
  • Features no-flex Gamakatsu black nickel, heavy wire hook
  • Features 30degree line tie for increased hook-up rates
  • Head design and heavy-duty weed guard allows jig to slip past snags
  • High-quality silicone skirt with high-action attraction
  • Available in a range of weights: 10.6g, 14.2g and 21.3g