Fox Rage Funk Bug

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Product Overview

The perfect mouthful for small to medium predators, the Funk Bug is back in the game.

  • Compact, barrel-bodied floating lure with big rolling action
  • Available in two size and running options: 40mm Shallow Running and 50mm Deep Running
  • Full Ultra UV range of eight colours: UV Cool Herring, UV Silver Bait fish, UV Original Perch, UV Fire Tiger, UV Gold Head, UV Striped Shiner, UV Sun Tiger, UV Real Shiner
  • Features super-sharp, high-quality VMC black nickel trebles
  • High-quality construction throughout
  • Weight: 4g (40mm) / 7g (50mm)
  • Can be worked down to 0.3m/1ft (Shallow Running) or 2m/6ft (Deep Running) depths
  • Type: Floating