Strike King Tour Grade Football Jig

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Product Overview

Strike King®'s Tour Grade Football Jigs are the ultimate deepwater jigs. A wide, football shaped head gives the Tour Grade Jig a superior feel and helps the jig stand-up and tantalize on the bottom. The flat eye line tie helps keep the line, knot and jig in the proper position, while an extra-sharp Gamakatsu®, 60 degree, round bend hook promotes true hook sets. Featuring durable, powder-coated paint jobs and color coordinated weedguards, the Tour Grade Football Jigs sport premium skirts that produce a lifelike look and action.

  • Finest quality tungsten
  • Easily penetrates and falls through cover
  • Faster sink-rate than lead weights
  • Incredibly durable paint coating
  • Wide, football-shaped head design delivers superior feel and stand-up position
  • Flat line eye design keeps leader in correct position on head
  • Features Gamakatsu 60A round bend hook
  • Colour coordinated, high-quality skirt and weed guard
  • Available in a range of weights: 14.2g and 21.3g
  • Available in a range of colours: Bama Craw and Black Brown Amber