Strike King Tour Grade Belly Blades

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Product Overview

Jazz up your favorite soft swimbait by pairing it with a Strike King® Tour Grade Belly Blade Jig Head. This pro-designed system is not your typical underspin setup at all, as the jig head itself is actually a weighted keel that rides ahead of a Strike King Raz-R-Blade willow blade, connected via a ball-bearing swivel. The unique rigging keeps your bait running upright and produces extraordinary flash without twisting your line, whether you're slow-rolling in deep water or slicing through shallow cover. The keel weight shields the blade, making the Belly Blade virtually weedless. Screwlock keeper for secure bait attachment; black nickel needle-point hook.

  • Available in 2 hook sizes: 3/0 and 4/0
  • 3/0 available in 2 weights: 7.1g and 3.5g
  • 4/0 available in 3 weights: 10.6g, 7.1g and 3.5g
  • 2 per pack
  • Weight keeled hook design for a perfect lure presentation
  • Features Screwlock keeper
  • Features Strike King Raz-R-Blade willow blade for maximum attraction
  • Features ball bearing swivel for efficient blade spin
  • Delivers brilliant weedless presentation