Strike King Pro Model Series 6

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Product Overview

Each bait in the Strike King Pro-Model® Series 6 Crankbait line is designed to perform a specific task. The Series 6 crank has a unique diving plane to accommodate longer casts and deeper dives down to 14'. Perfect for covering loads of water, the Pro-Model 6 features systematic flat areas to send out larger shock waves. Featuring free-floating rattles and lifelike 3-D eyes, this bait will routinely outdive and outfish comparable baits.

  • Large, deep diving crank
  • Unique diving vane for longer casts and deeper dives
  • Designed with systematic flat areas to produce larger vibrations
  • Chip resistant finish
  • Reflective 3D eyes
  • Attractive internal rattle
  • Dives to over 4.2m
  • Weighs: 28.3g
  • Length: 12.5cm
  • Available in four colours: Black Back Chartreuse, Powder Blue Back Chartreuse, Green Tomato and Chartreuse Shad

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