Strike King KVD Toad Buzz

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Product Overview

You can see Kevin VanDam's influence in every aspect of the Strike King® KVD Toad Buzz. This high-action, topwater lure has been tweaked and fine-tuned by the master himself, until its size, weight, and profile are perfect according to his lofty standards. The combination of a surface-splitting, wire-form buzzbait and Strike King's hard-kicking KVD Perfect Plastic Gurgle Toad will get them striking. Built with top-quality components throughout. 

  • High-action, top water buzz bait
  • Tuned and tweaked by Kevin Van Damn
  • Duel action combines attraction of buzzbait blade and KVD Gurgle Toad plastic lure
  • Features an internal head with bait keeper barbs to grip soft lure
  • High-quality components throughout
  • 10.6g weight
  • Available in a range of colours: Black, Green Pumpkin / Pearl Belly, Pearl and Green Pumpkin / Chartreuse Belly