Strike King Comeback Stand-Up Football Jig

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Product Overview

The Comeback Jig is a cross between a football jig and a stand-up jig, with a wide body and a flat base, tied with an extra-long round-rubber skirt. On a hard bottom, the Comeback Jig stands at an angle, skirt strands waving wildly around like a crawfish aggressively defending a nest. Superbly engineered from head to skirt, and fitted with a 5/0 Mustad® Needle Point hook.

  • Available in 2 weights: 21.3g and 14.2g
  • Available in 3 colours: Black Blue, Brown Purple, Green Pumpkin
  • Designed to stand up, presenting hook upwards
  • Perfect for critter style trailer lure presentation
  • Features long shank 5/0 medium wire hook
  • Features extra-long, round rubber skirt