Strike King 3X Baby Z-Too Soft Jerkbait

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Product Overview

If you've never dropshotted a jerkbait, now's the time. The Strike King® 3X Z-Too Jerkbait answers the needs of the small circle of anglers who've actually tried this deadly secret presentation. Smaller than a standard jerkbait, the 3X Z-Too also floats higher, is more flexible with a killer shimmy, and is far more durable. It's made of a proprietary Elaztech™ material that can be pulled at, nipped at, and chomped on time after time without tearing, degrading, or losing elasticity. Salt-impregnated to add even more buoyancy and temptation. Also great for standard presentations; molded-in belly slot for easy rigging. 

  • Available in 3 colours: Arkansas Shiner, Smokey Shad and The Deal
  • 5inch / 9cm length
  • 5 lures per pack
  • Constructed from high-durable and stretchy Elaztech material
  • Salt impregnated for enhanced feel and taste for predators
  • Highly-versatile lure