Fox Rage Replicant® Shallow

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Product Overview

The most exciting new lure of 2017, the Replicant Shallow takes the Replicant lure range into uncharted territory – the shallows. Using a balanced soft body and weighted harness arrangement, the new Rep Shallow can be worked in the first few feet under the surface and presented super slow while still delivering a hugely enticing action.

When a fish is hooked the specially designed harness system will separate from the body of the lure, transferring the weight away from the hook hold so that the fish cannot use the mass of the lure to throw the hook hold. The detaching process also moves the soft body of the lure away from being damaged by teeth.

  • Two sizes; 18 and 23cm
  • Proven, enticing swimming action
  • Tuned for shallow working
  • Interchangeable body
  • Super resistant body material
  • Weighted harness detachable from body to save lure from damage and maximize hook holds
  • New Super Natural colour options
  • High-end hooks

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