Fox Rage Predator® Elite® Rods

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Product Overview

  • New top end range of predator rods
  • 4 rods in the range
  • 2.75lb TC Elite Deadbait – The ideal tool for targeting pike on smaller venues. Also doubles up as a great rod for zander fishing.
  • 3.25lb TC Elite Deadbait X – This powerhouse of a rod is for the pike angler who fishes larger waters for big pike.
  • 3lb TC Elite Boat – This 10ft rod has been specifically designed for boat use and has plenty of power in the butt to exert maximum pressure at close quarters when required.
  • 3.5lb TC Elite Boat XS - This powerhouse of a rod has been designed for extracting the largest pike whilst fishing from a boat or close range from the bank. Its increased power will make sure you can safely turn any fish away from anchor ropes or other snags.
  • High quality carbon blank.
  • All rods feature classy ‘Elite’ cosmetics and an EVA handle.