Strike King Lucky Shad Walleye

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Product Overview

The Lucky Shad Crankbait Walleye from Strike King® offers a small, lifelike profile and is an ideal hardbait for casting or slow trolling for shallow fish. Offered in a range of fish-catching colors, these carefully crafted cranks are sure to produce wherever you fish. The Lucky Shad displays an increased action when retrieved.

  • Medium-sized, deep-diving crank
  • Robust finish on a balsa wood body
  • Designed for targeting zander
  • Emits a tight tail action
  • Features an internal rattle system
  • Elongated, flat sided body
  • Features realistic 3D eyes
  • Dives to over 2.4m
  • Weighs: 14.2g
  • Available in five colours: Violet Alewife, Lemonade, Chrome Blue, Hot Tiger and Silver TN Shad