Fox Rage Spinnerbaits - New Additions

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Product Overview

Perfectly at home in weedy waters, The Fox Rage Spinnerbait effortlessly navigates through obstructions while generating irresistible attraction to entice even the sneakiest of predators. For maximum attraction, mount your favourite Rage soft bait on the sharp single hook as a trailer.  

With two hot new fish-catching colours, a new 20g weight and eco-friendly recyclable packaging, it’s a win for your fishing and the environment.

  • Available in 4 weights: 10, 14, 20 and 28g
  • Two new colours: Ayu and Magma
  • Each spinnerbait features two willow blades for maximum attraction
  • Features ultra-sharp and super-strong single hook
  • Robust silicon skirt delivers additional pulsing attraction
  • High-quality swivel on main blade results in consistent lure action
  • Highly detailed jig heads featuring 3D eyes
  • Perfect for use with Rage soft plastic lures as trailers