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Chatter Tail
This is an extremely hot combination of twister and rubber fish enhanced with a mini-hammer-tail and a belly slit for Offset Hooks makes it a particularly versatile rubber bait.

The Chatter Tail is very effective when fished on a size 2/0 Offset Hook with a Texas or Carolina Rig, or used for Drop Shot fishing and to date this is the only Offset bait with this type of tail and as such a possible solution for highly pressured waters because predators may not have seen this type of bait before! Despite having a belly slit the Chatter Tail can also be jigged brilliantly.

To enhance attraction the Chatter Tail also contains real fish oil.

Recommended Fish: Perch, Bass, Trout, Sander
Colour Variations
Chatter Tail Options
Code Details RRP  
NSL053 Chatter Tail - 100m Appleseed POA Store Locator more
NSL057 Chatter Tail - 100m Real Shiner POA
NSL058 Chatter Tail - 100m Silver Pearl POA
NSL059 Chatter Tail - 100m Brown Chartreuse POA
NSL060 Chatter Tail - 100m Lolly POA
NSL225 Chatter Tail - 100mm Ghost POA
NSL227 Chatter Tail - 100mm Ayu POA
NSL228 Chatter Tail - 100mm Wagasagi POA
NSL229 Chatter Tail - 100mm Blue Ice POA
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