“A bait that just keeps on and on catching big fish!” That is the verdict of Predator World Champion, Dietmar Isaiasch.

Dietmar has proved time and time again that this is no cheap advertising slogan but a fact and he has caught numerous trophy zander - including six of his meter-fish - and plenty of monster perch on this Fringe Bait.

Dietmar has spent a long time experimenting with this bait in the past few years and has finally created with the Legend THE ‘killer’ bait for big zander. The heart of the Legend is the twelve loose tentacles that act independently of one another and pulsate during jigging and then lie flat during the sinking phase. As soon as the bait hits the bottom the tentacles open up then close automatically after one to two seconds; an action that triggers an instinctive snap reflex in very shy predators. This incredible action is created by injecting a special rubber mixture into the bait during a unique manufacturing process.

The appearance of the Legend is perfect with an especially fine grain on the elongated body and due to the tiny belly slit it can be fished with a common jig as well as on the Offset Hook without compromising either method.

If all of those outstanding fish catching features were not enough the Legend also contains real fish oil to enhance attraction even further.

Recommended Fish: Sander, Big Perch, Pike, Seabass, Bass
Colour Variations
Legend Options
Code Details RRP  
NSL001 Legend - 150mm Appleseed POA Store Locator more
NSL002 Legend - 150mm Lemon Tiger POA
NSL003 Legend - 150mm Gold Glitter POA
NSL005 Legend - 150mm Brown Chartreuse POA
NSL006 Legend - 150mm Lolly POA
NSL159 Legend - 150mm Salt N Pepper POA
NSL160 Legend - 150mm Real Shiner POA
NSL161 Legend - 150mm Hot Chartreuse POA
NSL191 Legend - 150mm Motor Oil POA
NSL192 Legend - 150mm Ayu POA
NSL268 Legend - 100mm Appleseed POA
NSL269 Legend - 100mm Lemon Tiger POA
NSL270 Legend - 100mm Gold Glitter POA
NSL271 Legend - 100mm Silver Pearl POA
NSL272 Legend - 100mm Brown Chatreuse POA
NSL273 Legend - 100mm Lolly POA
NSL274 Legend - 100mm Salt n Pepper POA
NSL275 Legend - 100mm Real Shiner POA
NSL276 Legend - 100mm Hot Chatreuse POA
NSL277 Legend - 100mm Ghost POA
NSL278 Legend - 100mm Motor Oil POA
NSL279 Legend - 100mm Ayu POA
NSL280 Legend - 100mm Wakasagi POA
NSL281 Legend - 100mm Blue Ice POA
NSL282 Legend - 100mm Stickleback POA
NSL464 Legend - 150mm Firetiger POA
NSL465 Legend - 150mm Hot Olive POA
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