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Rage Key Ring Saves Session in USA
Created on: 10-May-2012 @ 14:15:27

Rage Key Ring Saves Session in USA
The little key ring that snatched a couple of Striped Bass when all else was failing!

We have just received a fantastic email from one of our American regional sales managers Tom Angel detailing how a little key ring from Fox Rage instantly turned what looked like a blank session into a brilliant day! Here Tom tells the story;

“On the way to a meeting with a retailer I arrived into town a little early. Since the river was nearby I decided to fish it for an hour. As I sat on the banks I met a nice chap who grew up fishing in the area. I spoke to him about our company (Fox) and before I left I handed him a key ring in the cool herring pattern because it had our website on it for him to check out. I told him that these were actually the mini Slick Stick Lures and that if he was ever in a dire situation without any fishing luck he could attach a treble hook and use it as a last resort. Well, he took my advice and emailed me with the result!


Great meeting and talking with you on Saturday. Hey, that little minnow pattern you gave me works on stripers (striped bass). I sat there till 3:00 p.m. throwing anchovies at them with no success. I finally went up to the truck and got some hooks and put them on the key ring. In the next half hour I landed two bass a 22 and an 18 incher. I used a 4ft leader and a 1/2oz sliding sinker and fished the lure with a fast-stop-med retrieve. Hit the first on about the 15th cast and the second about twenty casts later. Need to get some more of those from you, they are great!

How about that! The little key ring of the Rage Slick Stick pulled it out the bag! We are sure the Fox Rage gear is going to vastly grow in popularity in the US over the next couple of years!

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